24 hour night life districts?

As part of a new report, the city’s Office of Nightlife says it would like to see the introduction of 24 hour “entertainment districts” where alcohol sales and partying would not have to stop.

In a presentation, Executive Director Ariel Palitz said after studying other cities that allow 24-hour use, she believes having people socialize at their own pace will be a game-changer.

“Rather than having to get it all in before 4 o’clock in the morning,” Palitz said. "It can actually help reduce conflicts and quality of life concerns by not having everybody rushing out and rushing in at the same time.”

To reduce the possibility of nuisance complaints and other conflicts, Palitz says a search will be launched to identify neighborhoods with low residential density, to figure out where a limited pilot program for 24-hour nightlife could be tested.

“I want to be out til the sun comes up,” said Kelli Jones, a tourist visiting the Big Apple from New Orleans.

For Jones, it’s proving to be a real letdown that New York City’s bars and clubs have to shut down by 4 a.m.


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