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A Hawaii health department chemist was busted for cooking up LSD

A Hawaii health department chemist was busted for cooking up LSD — which was then advertised on Snapchat and sold to active-duty Air Force members, prosecutors said.

Trevor Keegan, who works for the state health department’s Disease Outbreak Control Division, was charged earlier this month on one count of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances, the Daily Beast reported.

Officials began investigating the case last year when a classified informant tipped off the Air Force to someone who was using “Snapchat to advertise and conduct drug sales, particularly with active-duty military service members.”

The case was turned over to the Drug Enforcement Administration, which identified the dealer behind the Snapchat as Austin White, according to court documents

In December 2019, an undercover agent contacted White through Snapchat and bought from him about $200 worth of gummies that supposedly contained LSD, though they later tested negative for the hallucinogenic drug, court documents said.

The next month, White sold the same agent about $1,400 worth of gummies along with tabs of blotter acid, which lab tests confirmed contained the psychedelic, officials said.

During the meeting, White told the agent that the supplier of the hallucinogens “work[ed] in chemistry” and “makes his own stuff,” according to court records. He agreed to get the “cook” to whip up another 300 blotter tabs for the agent.

When they met up again, White pointed out a car nearby and told him the driver was his supplier, then went over to grab the drugs, court filings said.

The DEA was able to identify the lone passenger in the vehicle as Keegan, officials said.

Both Keegan and White were busted back in May and have since each been released on $500,000 bail, the outlet reported.

Neither of their attorneys responded to a request for comment, nor did the US Air Force Office of Special Investigations, according to the report

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