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Brazilian Model Suelyn Medeiros Arrested in Brazil for Cocaine!

(via CNN BR)

With 2.5 million followers, the model and digital influencer Suelyn Medeiros reported missing by her family three days after landing in Rio de Janeiro was detained by municipal guards on Thursday (23), after being caught on Arpoador beach, without mask and drugs.

According to the municipal guard of RJ, she was accompanied by two teenagers (appearing to be 16 years old), both also without masks.

The three were approached regarding guidance on the need and mandatory use of a mask. One of the guards noticed that the model behaved strangely, threw the two passports that were with her - a Brazilian and an American - and tried to escape.

The guards ran after the model, she was immobilized, she was very upset and aggressive. The agents made a personal search, found narcotic material and pills hidden in the girl's top.

In the middle of the confusion, the two teenagers who accompanied the model managed to escape from the place. In the face of what happened, Suelyn was taken to the Leblon Police Station where she was fined for possession of narcotic drugs and later released.

The young woman lives in the USA (California) and was in Copacabana with her mother for three days. Suelyn is very popular on social media and has made her entire career in the USA.

The Municipal Guard released a note on the case:

Municipal guards of the Special Group of Beach and Maritime (GPM) arrested a 34-year-old American woman on Thursday morning, the 23rd, for carrying drugs during patrolling and health surveillance in Praia do Arpoador, in the South Zone of Rio.

When approached by the lack of wearing a mask, the woman handed over her US passport and ran away, after which she was later reached by the agents. Two men who accompanied her managed to escape.

After doing the search on the woman, the municipal guard √Črica Antunes found with her a white powder that resembled cocaine and five pink pills.