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Detroit police take 2 days to respond to 911 call emergency call

DETROIT – The owner of a Detroit restaurant is upset over the lack of police response to an emergency call.

“When we call 911 we know they are busy, but we expect them to send a car, especially when we call saying they are trying to get in our building,” said the owner of Telway Hamburgers who is not being identified.

The owner of Telway Hamburgers is terrified. She is afraid the six people who showed up to the restaurant at 5 a.m. on Sunday will come back.

Every door of the Telway Hamburgers is locked except for an order booth protected by glass. The owner said the six people demanded to get into the restaurant.

Three employees inside at the time were under siege.

“A mob, that’s how they describe it. There was a mob of people trying to get in,” said the owner.

Those employees, two women and one man hid in a storage room and called 911. They needed help.

She said Detroit police never showed up.

“They did not show,” the owner said. “We respect the cops. We give them food and everything.”

The Telway Hamburger owner thought one call to 911 was made. Detroit police told the Local 4 Defenders three calls were made to 911.

The first for a disturbance, then for an unruly crowd trying to break in and a third call.

Detroit police told Local 4 News they were working on finding out who dropped the ball and why police never came.

The police department is also looking into exactly why the call was not given the highest priority.