Diplo Sued By Woman Who Says He Forced Her To Perform Oral Sex: Report

His lawyer denies the accusations & claims this person is a friend of the other woman who recently filed a lawsuit against Diplo.

Days ago, we reported on the lawsuit filed against Diplo by one of his ex-flings, Shelly Auguste, but that wasn't the end of his legal trouble. The international DJ and mega-producer is facing another lawsuit, this time from a woman who has accused him of forcing her to perform oral sex on him. It all reportedly went down at an afterparty following one of his events in Las Vegas back in 2019 and TMZ detailed the allegations.

According to the outlet, the woman claimed that she attended Diplo's party with friends and when they got there, she was "already intoxicated from drinking at the show." The woman alleges that Diplo supplied them with "more weed and alcohol" and admitted that she and her friends accepted.

As the story goes, Diplo allegedly kicked everyone out via his security, but when the woman's male friend refused to leave without her, he was allegedly punched in the face. The woman further stated that Diplo wouldn't allow her to "leave until she performed sex acts on him" and once she realized she couldn't get out, she alleged complied against her will.

The incident was reportedly recorded by Diplo "without her consent" and she alleges that she was in "fear for her safety" throughout the encounter. However, Bryan Freedman, Diplo's attorney, spoke out on behalf of his client and called foul on the allegations. Freedman claims that this woman is friends with the ex-fling who also recently filed a suit of her own.

"This complaint is completely outrageous, wildly untrue and yet also entirely predictable, given that it simply repeats the exact same claim already made by the plaintiff’s friend Shelly Auguste, an individual who has been harassing Mr. Pentz and his family for more than a year and already has repeatedly violated the restraining order issued against her," said Freedman.

"We have irrefutable evidence that this is a completely meritless claim and we will be providing it to a court as quickly as we possibly can to put an end to this shakedown by Ms. Auguste and her accomplices once and for all."

It is unclear what this woman is seeking in damages.


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