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Dippin’ Dots CEO accused of sending sexual images of ex-girlfriend to her mother.

The CEO of Dippin’ Dots allegedly sent out sexual images of his ex-girlfriend to several people, including her mother, and then claimed he was too wealthy and powerful to be punished for it.

The accusations against Scott Fischer were raised in a civil complaint filed in Oklahoma County by Amanda Brown. She accused the ice cream exec of using nude photographs to control her over the course of their nearly two-year relationship, noting that the mistreatment only escalated following their breakup in late 2020.

Brown said Fischer “frequently solicited private sexual images” from her while they were dating, even making them a condition of continued financial support.

"Fischer has engaged in a relentless and vicious campaign of harassment and retaliation targeting Amanda, culminating in his non-consensual dissemination of her private sexual images to third parties,” according to the lawsuit, obtained by NBC News.

Brown, described as a traveling nurse in the court documents, noted the worst moment so far came when Fischer sent the images to “the most traumatizing audience imaginable” — her mother — as a means to blackmail her into returning his dog.

“I’m sending this out tomorrow,” he allegedly wrote.

"Then I’m going to file a petition for [the dog]. I asked for a peaceful exit. I said I had a girlfriend and wanted to move on peacefully. I can hurt so much more. Watch.”

According to the lawsuit he also threatened to send the images to her father and colleagues if she did not comply with the demands.

“I just sent your nudes out to everyone,” Fischer is accused of writing. “I’m going to make sure any sex pics, bad pics are sent to your employer. Do you want to see what war is like? I’m about to show you."

Fischer, who has an estimated networth of $265 million, would also allegedly accompany “his cruel behavior with statements, suggestions, or intimations to Amanda that he is too rich or powerful for her to hold him accountable.

Separate paperwork filed by Fischer’s attorneys from Davidson County accuse of Brown of making off with his car and dog when she transferred to Tennessee for a job, Fox Business reported. He alleged she held his white Chihuahua hostage until she got what she wanted from him.

In a statement to the Daily Beast, attorneys for Fischer said the lawsuit was a meritless money grab.

"This inflammatory lawsuit brought forth by Ms. Brown is nothing more than an attempt to extort Mr. Fischer after he ended their relationship,” his attorneys said. “It is unfortunate that she has stooped to the level of attacking my client through an outlandish lawsuit, covering up her illegal actions.”

Brown is seeking punitive damages, as well as attorney fees. She is also seeking an injunction to keep Fischer from disseminating any additional images of her.

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